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Cato Corner Farm Located on a 75 acre farm in the rolling hills of Colchester, CT, Cato Corner Farm has rapidly developed a reputation for making world class, farmstead cheeses...
Woodcock Farm A flock of East Freisian sheep graze contentedly on 45 acres of lush organic grasses in Weston, Vermont...

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Woodcock Farm - Weston, Vermont

Woodcock Farm Cheese Company - Located just outside the picturesque village of Weston, VT, Woodcock Farm Cheese Company is home to Mark and Gari Fischer and family and their award winning farmstead and artisanal cheeses.

With their flock of East Friesian sheep grazing on 45 acres of lush organic pastures the Fischers hand craft some of the best sheep's milk cheeses,
cow & sheep's milk blends and all cows' milk cheeses being made in the US today.
The Cheese - Initially building their brand around three sheep's milk cheeses, Weston Wheel (An aged, raw sheep's milk cheese-American Cheese Society Award Winner), Summer Snow (a luscious sheep's milk Camembert style) and West River Feta (A Bulgarian style Feta), the Fischers have established themselves as makers of farmstead cheeses of unique styles, textures and flavors.

With their national awards and success in the marketplace Mark & Gari and now their daughter Sam have since developed several new cow's milk cheeses sourcing their milk from a local farm including: Magic Mountain (aged Alpine style ), True Blue (a creamy cows' milk blue), Timberdoodle (American Cheese Society Award Winning Havarti style cows' milk) Humble Pie (a milder washed rind with a soft creamy texture, delicate milky flavor and slightly tangy finish).

"The healthy diet of natural pasture grasses that our sheep enjoy give our cheeses their rich, buttery flavors. We collect the milk in the morning and then add rennet
to produce the curds, which form the foundation of the many types of cheese produced here at Woodcock Farm," states Mark Fischer.

What's New? -
Mark & Gari have recently expanded the space of their cheese making facilty. With the high quality of cows' milk available to them from nearby farms the Fischer's are making several blended milk cheeses and expanding their cows' milk cheeses. Cloud 9 is an all cows' milk Camembert style that has a rich and creamy texture and a mushroom finish. Kind-of-Blue is a Gorgonzola Dolce style cows' milk Blue that is exceptionally creamy with an earthy finish and Ewe Two is a semi-soft sheep's milk cheese that is slightly creamy, tangy and complex.

(Weston Wheel, Timberdoodle, Cloud 9, and True Blue are regularly featured in the AMNE online store. Call 203 273-5821 with special orders of Woodcock cheese.

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